This is the main page for the other Misha's lesson in 2016-2017.

Here there are miscellanous pictures that are too fiew to have their own galleries.

On the bar menù on the left, you can find other pictures that belongs to this category.

Videos: (Misha and Kenny - "off the wall) (Hotsteppers education) (Misha teaches at KDWB) (Strasbourg - L'after) (Workshop 2013 Tanzschule Schrock with Davide Moore) (Masterclass and charity 5-10-2015) (hip hop cardio dance challange workout) (lil wayne - sorry 4 the wait) (Whogotskillz - Last night) (MDC - dic 2015 with Anze Skrube)< ("Butterfly" - Choreo by Misha, danced by Misha and Sandra Brunnich) (I wanna dance with somebody) (Milleniumdance october 2016) (Heartbreaker 2016 mix made by me) (Dancetown Miami december 2016) (Detroit Piston 2013) (Summer intensive 2012) (European tour with Davide Moore) (Dancingxs) (millenium dance january 2017) (Millenium March 2017) (Millenium March 2017-2) (Millenium march 2017-3) (Millenium? ) (the dance awards 2016) (Artistic fusion april 2017 - mixed by me) millenium (Millenium may 2017) (Millenium 2) (Millenium old)  (Millenium july 2017 with Anze Skrube) (Michelle Latimer accademy - august 2017 (Millenium Dance - september 2017. Mixed by me)


NEW! (Danceforce december)

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