Jumpdance lessons 2017-2018 (subpages)

04/06/2018 16:04

End of the season

Hawaii is the last lesson of the 207-2018 season. Let's see in september!
27/03/2018 18:23


There won't be Jump lessons during the Easter weekend
07/02/2018 15:31

Jumpdance challenge 2018 promo

27/12/2017 16:22

Jump Xmas video

10/12/2017 16:08

December stop

Jumpdance lessons will come back on 5-7 of january: the schedule isn't online yet, so I don't know if Misha will be there
27/11/2017 16:24

Calendar updates

Misha will not teach at Jump until 8-10 december
05/11/2017 15:38

Next lessons

There won't be Jump lessons next weekend. They'll come back on the 17th november, and Misha will be both in Minneapolis and Mexico
15/10/2017 16:44


Misha will not be at every Jump lessons this year: the 1st will be in Albany next weekend
17/09/2017 15:45


The new season of Jump lesson will begin on 29th september

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